The CASQL product suite is a comprehensive solution to the problems clinics regularly face with needing to access immediate and up-to-date data from their online information resources.

CASQL Brochure

CASQL transparently plugs into your existing CAS installation. It allows your employees to use the power and flexibility of the ubiquitous Standard Query Language (SQL) to access, examine and extract information from your CAS system.


Standards-compliant SQL

  • CASQL implements SQL as defined by ISO and ANSI standards.
  • This database querying language is the most widely known and used in the world.


Export to Excel

  • CASQL features a direct data transfer capability to open the results of a query immediately in Microsoft Excel.
  • Allows employees to analyse results and create graphs or charts in a familiar application.

Graphical Interface

  • CASQL includes a complete, Windows-based application that can be used to create, execute and store queries in an uncomplicated and intuitive manner.
  • Queries can easily be shared between multiple users, and both the query entry display and results display integrate seamlessly with your clinic's desktop environment, be it Windows 98, 2000 or XP.

Batch Processing

  • A UNIX-based application included in the CASQL suite can also be used to submit queries to the CAS database. It runs on the CAS server, and can be set up to run automatically overnight.