The WayTrans package is a fully web based, complete system designed to accommodate all types of commodity.

WayTrans Brochure

Molasses Truck

The weighbridge transaction system (WayTrans) has been designed to record transactions that pass over a weighbridge. These loads may be bulk, liquid or packaged. A cash sales module is available for the sale of packaged products. This application provides an extensive range of documentation that may be required for all stages of the process from order to delivery, for despatch and purchasing, to receipt for supply.


  • Order entry.
  • Load validation on vehicle receipt.
  • Packing floor load scheduling.
  • Authorise load release.
  • Export documentation produced.
  • Manifest for incoming products when orders placed.
  • Order matching at weighbridge.
  • Product analysis for quality evaluation.
  • Point of sale for various products.
  • Produces despatch documentation and invoicing.

WayTrans Product

WayTrans Product

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