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Mirrabooka was formed in 1998, the merger of two successful software companies. By combining our resources, we have been able to provide excellent support to our customers.


Mirrabooka is dedicated to the development and support of reliable and cost effective software solutions for the health and manufacturing industries. With nearly 30 years experience in both the manufacturing and health care sectors, our expertise and proven track record have made us an Australian leader in clinic management and product receivals software. We have a strong quality focus, and are committed to substantial investment in research and development.

We are a current member of HL7 Australia and the Australian Computer Society. We are a HIC endorsed software supplier.

Mirrabooka Staff


A secret long known to our customers is that Mirrabooka has an enviable record of supplying an outstanding level of support and service. When you ring us, you can expect to be answered by a real person and not placed in a seemingly endless queue; your needs will be immediately attended to.

This has been developed and enhanced over the years, and is a resource of which we are extremely proud. Since its inception, it has been Mirrabooka policy to treat each new client as a partner when developing a solution for all its IT applications. It is because of this extremely good relationship between ourselves and our clients that we have been able to enhance and extend our products and product range.

Part of our success has been the ability to include interfaces and interoperability between our systems and our clients' existing software. This interoperability enhances not only our own product, but also our clients' existing applications. This has been achieved thanks to the high level of flexibility and wide-ranging expertise within our organisation - attributes we view as our main strengths. It is these attributes that have ensured enduring and productive partnerships with our clients.

Mirrabooka Systems is the largest independent supplier of Cane Management and Payment Systems in the Australian Sugar Industry. The primary role of the manufacturing division has been to develop robust and flexible applications to suit the manufacturing industry. The main focus has been the integration of intelligent hardware devices and software modules, to fully automate the capture of transaction data when receiving the raw product from suppliers, or despatching manufactured products to clients. A number of specific applications have been developed to track deliveries through the factory process, identifying the transaction details as they pass through the different stages. Two of the main packages developed for industry are the Canerec MIS package, specifically for the Sugar Industry, and Sample Tracking, which tracks individual grower deliveries from the mill entry point (weighbridge) through the milling train to the laboratory.

Rail Cane Bins

Cas 8

Mirrabooka's flagship health product is CAS and cas8 - a complete clinic manager that includes the ability to handle patient registration, appointments and details of service. CAS also supports a full debtors module and can provide a completely paperless environment for patient notes and other clinic adminsitration tasks. CAS is ideally suited to Radiotherapy or other large or multi-site clinics.


We know many of our clients need systems that run reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so Mirrabooka is 100% committed to providing quality solutions. Upholding the quality and reliability of our products and service is always at the core of our business and development processes.

As part of our quality improvement program, we participated as a showcase company in the SPICE (Software Process Improvement Capability Determination) project, undertaken by the Software Quality Institute (SQI) Spice