R3 AWCS is the third generation of this product, designed to provide a fully automated weighbridge operation without manning. This is achieved by the extensive use of a dynamic web based mimic.

AWCS Brochure

Driver interaction may vary from negligible, to selecting trip and product details from a touch screen menu. When vehicles are fitted with RFID tag identification, this can reduce the driver entry to a minimum. For vehicles not fitted with RFID tags, information can be entered manually through the use of a touch screen. In some situations, AWCS systems may be fitted with a combination of all data capture devices.

AWCS Mimic Entry Beam

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AWCS Mimic Trip Information

AWCS Mimic Delivery Ticket


  • Dynamic web based mimic graphically illustrates operation
  • Fully automated weighing with minimal driver interaction
  • Supports wide range of field entry devices
  • No manning required
  • Supports all major manufacturers' weighbridges
  • RFID tags for vehicle identification
  • Automatic coupon readers to capture load details
  • Can be used as a data capture system for a complete Despatching and Receivals system

Truck on Weighbridge

AWCS Mimic Vehicle Registration

AWCS Mimic Truck Weighing

AWCS Mimic Production Details