Cane Receivals

The Cane Receivals System is a fully integrated package that accommodates all phases of the supply and processing of cane from the grower to the mill. A web based mimic is available for both road and rail transport systems.

Cane Receivals Brochure

The Cane Receivals package is a complete Management Information System for the recording and tracking of the sugar cane product from the field through to the factory. It is a comprehensive suite of application modules designed to satisfy all requirements of the industry.

Capture of Consignment Details

As the cane is harvested, the consignment details are recorded. The methods used to record these details are:

  • Data Entry from manually recorded consignment notes
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) coupon
  • Telemetry over 4G network. Using an Android device, consignment details are transmitted to the central server at the mill as the cane is harvested. This data is sent via the Telstra 4G network. Find out more about our TeleCane package.

Weighbridge and Tip Control


Road vehicles are usually processed automatically by the AWCS. The system can handle vehicles fitted with RFID tags and if OMR tickets are used. Order details are selected using a touch screen.


The weighbridge and tip areas are fully automatic with PLC/Distributed control interface. When the bin fleet is fitted with RFID tags, the operation of separate weighbridge and tip, or a combined weighbridge/tip occurs in a fully unmanned situation.
Truck on Weighbridge

Rail Tip

Juice Sample Tracking

The Cane Sample Tracking System will track individual grower deliveries from the mill entry point (weighbridge), through the milling train to the laboratory.

It controls juice batch sampler and online automatic analysers Near Infra-Red Cane Analysis System (NIR CAS).

Find out more about our Sample Tracking package.

Juice Sampler

Receivals Mimics

There are different transport systems being used by various sites. Mirrabooka has developed dynamic web based mimics for both road and rail systems.

Road Receivals Mimic

Road Receivals Mimic

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This mimic was developed to provide a full overview of the consignment, delivery and processing cycle as the cane deliveries progress from the field to the factory. Illustrating each phase of the delivery cycle, the mimic runs in any modern web browser, offering a wide range of personnel the convenience of keeping abreast of the state of the system.

Full Yard Handling Mimic

This display illustrates the complete receivals cycle for a mill using rail transport. The main screen is composed of the following:
  • Telemetry: Bins consigned from the fields
  • RFID Reader Blocks: Bins as they arrive at the full yard
  • Line Sequence: Sequence of the full yard lines fed to Tip Queue
  • Yard Lines: The 4 full yard lines for stage
Full Yard

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Find out more about our Full Yard Mimic.

Factory Production Information

Factory Information

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The factory production information is collected on an hourly basis, with real time display screens and reports providing details for hour, shift, daily, weekly and season to date.

Average crushing rates, lost time, CCS averages for actual and payment purposes are some of the details provided with this package.

Payment System Transfer

On completion of the delivery period, the end of period procedures are carried out. One of the many functions of these procedures is the calculation of payment units for each grower. These calculated payment units can be actual units, or relative units determined by either the weekly or daily relative, scheme, whichever is adopted by the mill.

Field Productivity Systems

Assists the mill in determining crop estimates, re-adjusting estimates and the allocation of harvest quotas for farms. It provides harvest details to the harvesting contractor, including details of their daily allocation and production information. This assists the growers in future crop planning.

System Administration

The administration of the system is available through the system administration account, which is restricted to key personnel. This account provides a full range of options which allows the System Administrator to fully maintain the system.

Grower Information Retrieval

This provides a number of different communication methods to supply growers and other interested parties with information at regular intervals, or an demand.
Farm Cartage Report

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