Cane Receivals

The Cane Receivals System is a fully integrated package that accommodates all phases of the supply and processing of cane from the grower to the mill. A web based mimic is available for both road and rail transport systems.

Cane Receivals Brochure

The Cane Receivals package is a complete Management Information System for the recording and tracking of the sugar cane product from the field through to the factory. It is a comprehensive suite of application modules designed to satisfy all requirements of the industry.


Three Line Rail

System Features

  • Capture of consignment details
  • Weighbridge and tip control
  • Full system overview and operations mimic
  • Sample tracking
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Factory production information
  • Field productivity systems: recording all farm field statistics, grower feedback using web, email, fax and mail
  • Interface to a full payment system
  • Cane Cloud - grower online reporting
  • System administration

Fullyard Mimic

Grower Delivery Report