Sample Tracking

The Cane Sample Tracking System will track individual grower deliveries from the mill entry point (weighbridge) through the milling train to the laboratory.

SamTrack Brochure

The Sample Tracking package has been designed as a total solution for tracking cane deliveries from the point where the cane enters the factory through the processing stage, to the online analysis that determines the product quality. The application consists of both hardware and software components, and may be provided as a stand-alone system or integrated with the existing systems. The overall system consists of two major sections which are integrated to provide both the interfacing to the main Cane Receivals database and the field hardware.


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The two main components of the Sample Tracking application are:-

  • Configuration and Control Software
  • Data Acquisition and Control PLC


  • Continuous tracking, calculated wash cycle for an even carrier feed.
  • Optimised sample length using the delivery net weigh.
  • Interfaces to integrated or third party Cane Receivals System.
  • Graphical mimic tracking display.
  • Tip mimic display.
  • PLC control module for field I/O.
  • Provides control for first expressed juice mechanical sampler.
  • Interfacing to automatic Brix and POL sample analystical intruments.
  • Interface module to NIR CAS analysis system.