TeleCane provides the real time consignment of cane as it is harvested, and results of the cane analysis after it has been processed. The field device is fully integrated with a server application at the mill.

TeleCane Brochure

TeleCane allows the harvest contractor to enter and send consignment details whilst in the field. The program communicates with the mill's server through a 4G network. TeleCane also provides feedback enquiries on the device. Harvest contractors and Growers can retrieve analysed cane information from the main server at the mill.


  • Data entered and sent to the server using an Android tablet.
  • Optimised for viewing in full sunlight.
  • List view of all consigned cane in the field.
  • Local or remote validation.
  • Bins entered in batches, queued and sent when in range.
  • Full details of analysis for each delivery available after cane processed.
  • Improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity, allowing mill staff to make better informed decisions.

Video showing the Electronic Cane Consignment in use.

Telecane Ticket

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