Cane Payment

The CanePay package provides a total solution that has been specifically developed for the sugar industry, and has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian industry.

CanePay Brochure

This package has a high degree of flexibility, which is fully configurable. It ranges from a simple, quality based payment, to a system exploiting relative pools with a range of pricing schemes, making it one of the most versatile on the market.

System Features

  • High level of security
  • Relative Payment Schemes as defined by the Qld Sugar Corporation
  • Multiple Bulk Pool Pricing
  • Individual Grower Pricing Pool
  • Liens, allowances and deductions handled in separate code table
  • Bank list generation
  • Transfer of grower payment information to bank via electronic transfer
  • Recipient created invoicing, payment advice slips
  • Various reports for audit and table maintenance
  • Five payment types: Delivery; Price Adjustment Pay; Final Delivery; Season Final; Adjust CCS
  • Goods and services tax
  • Three seasonal pays concept
  • Legacy function still retained - Grower peaks, Grower peak adjustment and shortfall distribution

Cane Payment Maintenance

The payment system can be simply setup, configured and maintained through this option.

Once configured, payment runs can be carried out with minimal input.

Payment Enquiries

All users with the appropriate privilege connected to the system have access to a wide range of payment details, which reduces the need to produce a large number of reports. Grower, farm, harvester payment details with adjustments can be quickly viewed.

Grower Info

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Payment Calculations

As a consequence of this package being specifically developed for the sugar industry, the unique payment phases related to the supply of cane to the mills is provided. The following payment categories are supplied for each of these stages:
  • Delivery
  • Price Adjustment
  • Final Delivery
  • Base CCS Adjustment
  • Season Final
Payment adjustments for industry bodies and grower specific can be levied on individual pay types, all pay types or variation of types.
Five payment categories are handled, and payment adjustments (eg allowances, deductions and liens) can be applied to each pay type, or a combination of pay types. All payment calculations are carried out on a season-to-date basis; consequently all amendments and price increases are taken into consideration on each run.
Payment Calculations

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Cane Receivals Data

Both the Cane Payment and Cane Receivals systems are completely autonomous systems. Consequently, they may reside on the same platform, or a totally different platform. The Cane Receivals data is transferred at the end of each payment period.


A full range of standard reports is provided. There is a total of eighteen Payment and eight Maintenance reports, eg Grower Details; Bank Details; Payment Summaries; Recipient Created Invoice Payment Advices; Income Statements.
Summary Control Report

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Grower Pricing Pool Scheme

The GPPS provides a pricing policy structure allowing growers to subscribe to different contracts for allocated quantities of their crop yield.
GPPS Spreadsheet

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Summary Report

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Auto Document Delivery System

Payment details can be delivered to growers electronically, eliminating the necessary preparation and expense associated with posting.
Auto Doc Delivery

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Harvester Payment

The payment of the harvesting contractors can be carried out from this package suite as an add-on module. The harvest details can be transferred from the Cane Receivals application with a full payment run carried out for the contractors supplying for this delivery period. Proceed values of this harvest payment are transferred to the Cane Payment system, and are levied against each farm for this grower delivery pay.
Harvester Payment

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Cartage Payment

Typically this payment type would be most applicable to mills using road transport for cane deliveries. Often this payment method would be based on the delivery distance for each individual farm, and may have allowances or deductions based on the net weight of each load. Often the government Department of Transport will apply delivery guide lines that may need to be administered within this package.
Cartage Payment

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