Cane Payment R10

Cane Payment R10 is a fully web based package. It provides a total solution that has been specifically developed for the sugar industry, and has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian industry.

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Harvester Cutting Cane

Bin Tipping Cane

Cane Payment R10 is the tenth generation of this product. Fully web-based, it runs in any modern web browser, offering a significant increase in flexibility and functionality over the previous version. It provides the user with a greater level of freedom to deploy reporting and data directly to their desktop for further analysis.

System Features

  • High level of security
  • Fully web based within any modern web browser
  • Supports multiple pool pricing structure and contract pricing
  • Electronic transfer for banking
  • Liens, allowances and deductions handled in separate code table
  • Recipient created tax invoices for payment
  • Extensive range of reports for accounting, grower information and maintenance
  • Five payment types: Delivery Pay, Price Adjustment Pay, Final Delivery, Season Final and Adjust CCS
  • Harvester payment modules with auto feed to grower payment
  • Road Cartage payment modules with auto feed to grower payment

Harvester Payment Advice

Payment Calculations Screen