Industry Standard Interfacing

No single computer system can provide all the functionality and flexibility to support the extremely wide range of medical requirements, and the problems of using numerous systems is the inconsistency of data and the inability to access data from other systems. The solution to this problem is interoperability between systems. This is why Mirrabooka is promoting the use of industry standard interfaces. Mirrabooka currently has many standard and proprietary interfaces to Hospital and other clinical systems.


HL7 Interfaces

  • Cas HL7-A04 export - this module exports registration details from Cas immediately after registration.
  • Cas HL7-PO3 - this module accepts financial transaction messages from other systems (specifically Impac). A module in Cas manages incomplete details. The patient can then be invoiced and receipted or bulk-billed through CAS. cas8 will also support HIC Online.
  • Cas HL9-A19 - this is a Patient Master Index enquiry to the Hospital system. Cas has built this into the patient registration.
  • Cas HL7-A08 - this is an application that runs separately to Cas and accepts A08, A01, A30, A31, A34 update messages from the Hospital system and updates the Cas demographic data without any user involvement.

Cas to Varis Interfaces

  • Cas_demographic - on registering a patient within Cas, the demographic detail is sent to Varis to create a new patient entry if one does not exist. This connection is done seamlessly without user intervention.
  • Cas_appointments - Cas appointments for a specified day can be downloaded from Cas to Varis.
  • Cas_services - this module is designed to be run at night prior to the backup procedure. It downloads from Varis each patient service from a specified machine for that day.

Cas to Impac Interfaces

  • Cas_billing - Cas_billing is normally run every evening. It extracts all the services from Impac that occurred that day. This includes treatment, clinic and planning services. If patient details don't exist in Cas, these are also downloaded. Cas_billing can be set up to run on demand. That is, when creating a service for a specific patient, we can force a lookup in Impac and retrieve the details.