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February 2021

Office Move

Mirrabooka has moved to a new office located in Lawnton. New address details are here.

March 2019

Visit to Nghe An Sugar (NASU), Vietnam

Following the addition of a second tip bay for road, and the installation of a new ProFoss NIR CAS system at Nghe An Sugar, Mirrabooka has recently completed the installation of a significant upgrade to the full sample tracking system. Read more here.

September 2018

Happy Birthday Mirrabooka

On 4 September 1998, Industrial Systems and DBD Software joined forces to become Mirrabooka Systems. We look forward to the next 20 years, developing new applications, and continuing to provide new and existing clients with reliable, technologically advanced solutions and quality support.

August 2018

Cane Receivals Enhancements at NSW Sugar

For the 2018 season, a major upgrade was undertaken at the three NSW sites (Broadwater, Condong and Harwood). The system was extended to include end of week processing and a standard interface was provided for the new payment system. Additionally, the Road Receivals Mimic, which was trialled last season, was rolled out to the three sites. It provides a complete overview of the consignment, delivery and processing cycle as the cane deliveries progress from the field to the factory.

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Automation at Isis Central Mill

The next stage of the full automation of the delivery cycle is being trialled this season, which builds on the previous two stages as documented in the ASSCT papers. This will be described in more detail as the trial progresses.


ASSCT Conference 2017

Mirrabooka's manufacturing director, Gary McNair, has co-written two white papers in conjunction with Paul Nicholl and Martyn Ryan of Isis Central Mill. These were presented during the 2017 ASSCT Conference in Cairns.

Electronic Cane Consignment at Isis Mill

This paper, co-authored with Paul Nicholl, discusses how Electronic Cane Consignment is now a critical link in the delivery of cane from the field to the factory, resulting in improved factory efficiency. This paper has since been published in the June 2018 Volume of the International Sugar Journal.

Isis Rail Yard Handling System

The second paper, co-authored with Martyn Ryan, discusses the Full Yard System implementation at Isis Mill.
Isis BinShuttle