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September 2023

Company News

Happy 25th Birthday, Mirrabooka

On 4 September 2023, Mirrabooka celebrated its 25th birthday. On that day in 1998, Gary McNair and Bill Grove joined forces to form Mirrabooka Systems. Gary and Bill came from two very different niche markets, within two quite different industry sectors. Bill had been operating in the health sector since 1985, with Gary providing solutions to the manufacturing sector, mainly sugar refineries, since 1986.

The health care products included the flagship Clinical Administration System (CAS), a complete clinic manager originally designed for radiotherapy clinics, but also suitable for any large clinic situation. The manufacturing sector produced applications targeted as complete solutions for specific industries, whilst in addition developing other products for more general-purpose industry requirements. It is now the largest, independent supplier of cane management and payment systems in the Australian sugar industry.

Goodbye Bill

Which brings us to a new era at Mirrabooka. After more than 30 years in operation at a large number of radiotherapy units across the country, CAS was decommissioned from its final site at the end of June 2023, and Bill has now hung up his keyboard and mouse. Mirrabooka will not be quite the same without Bill, but we hope he may still drop in to see us when he can find the time in between his many leisure activities.

Mirrabooka into the future

Mirrabooka now offers solutions solely for the manufacturing sector, with our dedicated team of specialists continually striving to improve our product suite and delivering quality support to our clients. We look forward to working with them over the next 25 years and beyond.

Product News

Cane Receivals and Waytrans

Our Cane Receivals and Waytrans packages are now fully web based, offering users a significant increase in flexibility. Both systems have been rolled out to several sites over the last few months.

CanePay R10

CanePay R10 has now been rolled out to all sites. It is also being trialled at a new site during the 2023 crushing season.

October 2022

Product Release News

Cane Payment R10 - our first, fully web based product

We are pleased to announce the launch of Mirrabooka's first, fully web-based product. Cane Payment R10 incorporates all the flexibility and features of the previous release, whilst having the added benefit of being fully web based within any modern web browser. Cane Payment R10 has so far been in operation at one major site for over six months, and is currently being run in parallel at two sites.

By the end of the 2022 crushing season, all sites will be operating on the V10 release.

CaneScan - Cane Tracking Unit

CaneScan has been developed in conjunction with Sugar Research Australia (SRA). The role of this unit is to prepare cane samples, control the movement of each conveyor and record the analysis of each sample collected.

Employee News

It is our pleasure to introduce Mirrabooka's new software developer, Marc Carniel, who joined the Mirrabooka team at the end of May. Marc is a recently graduated Software Engineer, and has extensive experience in a variety of related roles.


ASSCT Conference 2017

Mirrabooka's manufacturing director, Gary McNair, has co-written two white papers in conjunction with Paul Nicholl and Martyn Ryan of Isis Central Mill. These were presented during the 2017 ASSCT Conference in Cairns.

Electronic Cane Consignment at Isis Mill

This paper, co-authored with Paul Nicholl, discusses how Electronic Cane Consignment is now a critical link in the delivery of cane from the field to the factory, resulting in improved factory efficiency. This paper has since been published in the June 2018 Volume of the International Sugar Journal.

Isis Rail Yard Handling System

The second paper, co-authored with Martyn Ryan, discusses the Full Yard System implementation at Isis Mill.

Sugar Mountain