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The WayTrans package is a complete system designed to accomodate all types of commodity movements across a weighbridge.

This package provides modular flexibility for the recording and tracking of both incoming and outgoing transactions. Full documentation is produced for the customer, supplier and carrier.

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Despatching Operations
  • Order Entry
  • Load validation on vehicle receipt
  • Packing floor load scheduling
  • Authorise load release
  • Provides full despatch documentation on departure from weighbridge
  • Email pickup schedule to carriers
  • Full support for pallet control
  • Export documentation produced
  • Quality Conformance Certificate produced
Receivals Operation
  • Manifest for incoming products when orders placed
  • Order matching at weighbridge
  • Full documentation produced on receipt
Cash Sales Module
  • Point of sale for various products
  • Supports quotas for customers
  • Produces despatch documentation and invoicing
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