Mirrabooka is an aboriginal word for the Southern Cross constellation          Mirrabooka Systems
Software Developers in Health Care Systems and Industrial Data Acquisition Systems

Customer Support and Service

A secret long known to our customers is that Mirrabooka has an enviable record of supplying an outstanding level of support and service. When you ring us, you can expect to be answered by a real person and not placed in a seemingly endless queue - your needs will be immediately attended to.

This has been developed and enhanced over the years, and is a resource of which we are extremely proud. It has been Mirrabooka policy since our inception that each new client will be treated as a partner in developing a solution for their IT applications. It has been due to this extremely good relationship between our clients and ourselves, that we have been able to enhance and extend our products and product range.

Part of our success has been the ability to provide interfaces and interoperability between our systems and our clients' existing software. This interoperability enhances not only our own product, but also our clients' existing applications. This has been achieved thanks to the high level of flexibility and wide-ranging expertise within our organisation - attributes we view as our main strengths. It is these attributes that have ensured enduring and productive partnerships with our clients.

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