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CAS8 is the latest upgrade to Cas2001, the windows version of CAS. It provides all the functionality of CAS plus more user-friendly screens, mouse functionality and intuitive processes.

CAS8 provides additional functionality for patient appointments and managing patient attendance and service details. It provides a full billing system which includes bulk-billing, invoicing, receipting, statements, outstanding debtors and reporting. CAS also provides online notes and manages incoming letters and pathology. It will compose letters to referring doctors etc and store them within the database as MS Word Documents.

HIC Online is available with CAS8. This enables the reception staff to make a claim to Medicare on behalf of the patient for the total fee or the Medicare only part. HIC Online can claim bulk billing and DVA claims.

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  • Easy to use menus with a choice of either the mouse, keyboard or function keys.
  • Scroll forward or backward through the display with the use of the mouse or arrow keys.
  • View up to six weeks of bookings on the one screen.
  • Make or delete appointments, or choose other patients without ever leaving the appointment screen.
  • Ideally suitable for Radiotherapy or Medical Oncology, where the patient needs to be given multiple appointments.
Form Display
  • Form displays are crisp, non-editable fields are greyed out to be obvious.
  • The mouse can move you to any field quickly to make a change.
  • The patient's photo ID can be displayed in the lower right hand corner for positive identification.
External Programs
  • Provides complete windowing interface to CAS.
  • Can display images and run external programs (such as Microsoft Word) for editing documents.
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