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CAS - Clinic Administration System

CAS or Clinic Administration System can manage very large clinics. In fact there are several Radiotherapy or Oncology centres using CAS with over 80 users and multiple sites. Functionality extends from appointments, details of service, to a full debtors system. CAS along with CAS95 or CAS8 can provide a completely paperless environment for patient notes.

Clinic Reception

CAS makes appointments, registers patients and can manage patients waiting in clinic. It can support multiple doctors and treatment areas. It can handle multiple providers for a single patient. It can centrally run several centres.


Doctors and treatment areas can view patients waiting. The patient notes can be viewed online as can incoming letters, referrals, diagrams, pathology and radiology.


Details of service from reception or from treatment areas feed directly into invoices, bulk-billing etc. Invoices can be done one at a time or as a batch job for a weekly mailout. Receipting feeds directly into banking. CAS can manage all HIC special requirements such as Capital Component reimbursement, equipment numbers and LSPN numbers. It can print account statements and manage bad debtors.


CAS can drastically improve writing letters to referring doctors by including addresses, and copies at the touch of a key. It can print its own letters or imports to MS Word and Open Office for a more professional look.

Clinical and Reporting

CAS can manage specific and clinical data that would be required for Cancer or Oncology Clinics etc. There are several methods of data extraction as well as many standard reporting modules.


CAS has several hundred customisations that can be turned on or off according to your needs. Additionally, CAS has a powerful query program to create specific modules that can be linked into your menus.


Menus are customisable for each user. This means individuals don't have access to modules that they don't need. The underlying database also has access control level down to field level. We can also force an operator ID stamp on registration, patient notes and appointments.

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